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Permanent Make-up

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 Permanent makeup FAQ
What is Cosmetic Tattooing?
Permanent Makeup
Permanent Makeup
Permanent Makeup

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  Cosmetic tattooing or Micropigmentation is an innovative way of placing or replacing colour in your skin. Also known as permanent make up or medical tattooing, micropigmentation allows you to wake up with perfectly defined lips, beautiful brows, and expressive yet natural eye definition. Micropigmantation can be used to camouflage scars, burns, and vitiligo as well as to give your nipple-areola complex more realistic appearance following breast surgery.

During your initial consultation we will discuss your needs and select a pigment colour from a specially designed colour chart. This pigment colour will be implanted in your skin.The pigment is placed in layer of the skin called the Dermis.
Is the procedure painful??
  Topical anaesthetics are used to alleviate any discomfort.
How long does it take to heal?
  Approximately 4-6 days.

There may be some swelling and slight tenderness after the treatment, which usually resolves within the first 24 hours. The colour will appear much darker during the first week and some flaking may follow. A certain amount of colour loss is experienced after healing. A follow up review appoitment is reccomended after four to six weeks.
How long does it last?
  It can last anywhere from 2 - 7 years before there is any noticeable loss of colour.Fading is a natural occurrance with cosmetic tattoo, and it starts slowly and is gradual.

The darker the colour used, the longer it may last. Colour can fade due to several reasons: Skin type, skin products used and medications, natural skin exfoliation and exposure to sun .
Is the treatment safe?
  Our Cosmetic tattoo artist uses only approved pigments, disposable single use application and follows strict health and safety regulations.
Are you a good candidate for Micropigmentation?
  Permanent make up is suited to most people especially those that have a busy life style and want a waterproof, perspiration proof solution to cosmetics.
  • Eliminate time-consuming cosmetic application.
  • Alopecia Hair loss sufferers, full or partial
  • Allergy Sufferers who are sensitive to normal cosmetics
  • If you want to correct facial asymmetries
  • If you  have Visual Impairment  or loss of motor skills that make the application of cosmetic difficult.
  • Post Surgery– those seeking  to restore colour to  neeple/areola  complex
  • If you have desire to camouflage scalp scars or any other scars, burns or vitaligo condition.
Paramedical Reconstructive Micropigmantation
  Micropigmantation in the medical field is used to camouflage and enhance post surgery scars following cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures. You can have your face lift scars camouflaged, re pigment skin grafts, burns and light freckles. For women who have undergone mastectomies, other breast surgery, or have irregular or fading areolas, these permanent paramedical breast restoration procedures are nothing short of a medical miracle.Our permanent areola repigmentation and nipple restoration techniques restore the natural beauty of your breasts so you can regain confidence in your own beauty.
Permanent Makeup procedures  
  Permanent makeup can be preformed to cosmetically enhance the eyes, eyebrows and lips with the precise placement of colour in the skin. Pigment can be placed on eyelid margin to create appearance of fuller lashes and more defined shape. Pigment can also be placed in the skin to create appearance of Eyebrows to better define the shape of the brows or make them appear thicker. Pigment can additionally be placed on the edge of the lips to better define the lips or completely cover the lip to provide long lasting colour. Generally each of the facial procedures takes just over one hour. More complicated procedures may take longer. After your procedure you may experience swelling, redness or tenderness at the pigmented site. Most of this subsides within 24 hours and you can resume your normal daily activities.  
Proffesional services offered  
  • Eyebrows and Eyebrow Hairstokes
  • Upper Eyeliner & Extention
  • Lower Eyeliner
  • Lip Line
  • Lip Line & blend
  • Full Lip Tattoo incl.lip line
  • Beauty Spot
  • Nipple Areola re-pigmentation
  • Scar Camouflage
  • Corrective Colouration
  • Vitilago Re-pigmentation
  • Hair Imitation
  • Tattoo removal
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