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 The Issada Difference   -   100% pure mineral make-up

Cult beauty brand Issada Cosmetics presents a new frontier in mineral technology. Completely safe to use post-treatment or surgery, Issada mineral powders are UV protective and oil, talc, dye and fragrance-free. They contain the highest pharmaceutical-grade minerals, triple-milled for a light, consistent texture. Not stopping there, Issada minerals are then micronised, reducing each spherical powder particle to an identical shape and size, creating a perfect consistency. After this thorough micronisation process, skin-treating Issada minerals are mixed with light-reflective mica, which delivers a radiant, luminous flawless finish that actually improves the skin’s surface over time.

  Mineral Magic
Sourced from nature, fused with science, minerals are the purest elements of the earth. Micronized minerals protect and correct the skin without irritation. Minerals act as a chemical-free sunblock, naturally shielding skin against damaging ultraviolet light. Their powerful, light reflective properties also make flaws and imperfections look less visible.

Issada’s skin safe formula contains no potential irritants, such as fragrance, oil, talc or dyes.

Because of its unparalleled purity, mineral makeup is the perfect choice after cosmetic surgery, chemical peels, laser treatments, micro-dermabrasion and waxing. Or for individuals who suffer form acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions. Fortified with clinical-grade nutrients and Vitamins.
Issada Mineral Makeup
 100% pure
 Fragrance free
 No Talc
 No Oils
 No Colours/Dyes
 No fillers or binders
 Ideal for dermatological or post surgical patients
 Ideal for customers combating skin irritations and sensitivities
 Changes and improves skin over time
 Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
 Water resistant
 Won’t fade and lasts all day
 Minerals give the illusion of clear, healthy skin
 Do not crease, run or smear
 Minerals scatter light, light reflecting and radiant
 Allow the skin to breathe
 Minerals sit on the skin
 Apply in thin layers – buildable coverage
 Mineral are very forgiving – they take on colours around them, so one colour suits a lot of skin tones.
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