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Hands, Necks, Arms, and Décolletage Rejuvenation

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Restoring smoothness to and revitalizing your skin.

There are dermal fillers that specifically help us to counter the effects of sun damage and provide deep dermal hydration. It improves skin elasticity, making the skin look hydrated and feel smooth to the touch. They are perfect for difficult-to-treat areas, treating a wide spectrum of areas such as:
 backs of hands

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Dermal Hydration

These dermal fillers provide deep dermal hydration, moisturizing from within to improve skin tone and health. The filler diminishes the fine crepey lines caused by sun damage and the natural ageing process and smooth the skin to give a plump and hydrated look.

The benefits of treatment with these dermal fillers generally last for several months and can be maintained by repeated treatment once or twice a year. However, there are no restrictions on how often you can be treated.

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