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Breast Augmentation (Breast Enlargement)

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Breast implant surgery is the most common cosmetic procedure to be carried out on women. It is also known as breast augmentation or breast enlargement.
 Making Your Decision
Having breast implants fitted is not a decision that you should make in a hurry. It is important that you make an informed decision one which takes into account the potential risks and side effects.

It is important that you have realistic expectations about the results of your breast implants. You should also find out the following procedure details:
 Size, shape and type of implants
 Where the implants will be placed:
        Submuscular – positioned beneath the layer of muscle in the chest wall
        Subglandular – positioned on top of the chest muscle and just behind the breast tissue
 Incision site:
       Inframammary incision is along the crease beneath the breast
       Transaxillary incision is placed in the armpit
       Periareolar incision is made at the pigmented area surrounding the nipple
 Recovery period
 Possible complications

This way you are less likely to be disappointed with the outcome of your breast implants. Ask your doctor, if you are unsure about anything.
It is important that you discuss your expectations with your doctor before you make your final decision to have breast implants. Some women have unrealistic expectations about what the surgery will achieve, and may be disappointed with the results. The appearance of implants can vary greatly from person to person and will depend on your individual circumstances.

The results of your implants will depend on:
 Your existing breasts
 The position of your nipples
 Your age
 Your skin texture
 Your ability to heal and
 Your overall health

Making an informed decision will help to ensure that you are happy following your operation.

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